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EAST RAND RIGGING has extensive experience working in the oil and gas industries, packaging plants, the printing industry, motor manufacturers, bottling, food, beverage and clothing industries; amongst others. 

EAST RAND RIGGING moves boilers, bottlewashers, printing presses, lathes of any description within the engineering sectors. Specializing in rigging services, we are equipped to handle even the most challenging moving projects. We understand that time is money. We strive to work proficiently, accurately and safely to provide to all your needs.

We are focused on providing rigging and transporting services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations while adhering to every safety standard applicable to the project

We relocate your factory to new premises. With our home base in Johannesburg, we are able to easily move your factory across the country. We have experience across all industries. We move engineering equipment such as lathes, cnc machines, milling machines and printing equipment. We've moved chillers for the air-conditioning industry, production lines for the manufacturing industry and boilers.

We take full responsibility for a move from loading to unpacking. With teams of highly qualified, experienced riggers in we offer value-added service of unpacking containers. Should you be receiving containers with heavy equipment we can efficiently and expertly unpack and place this equipment for you.

Whether you are moving an entire factory or a single unit of heavy equipment, we can move it for you. Ensuring great service and superior handling we can move pieces of equipment from just about any industry you can think of. We have experience moving equipment from the manufacturing, engineering, printing and petroleum industries. We can move anything you can think of that requires specialized moving equipment.

East Rand Rigging has a highly qualified professional workforce of riggers, certified machine operators. All our operators, riggers and rigger assistants have valid training certificates as well as Occupational Health and Safety certificates.

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